Dear Potential Suppliers:

Baipin.org (meaning Finding The Facts) was founded in 2009 by a group of Boston based academia, with a simple goal that is to arm Chinese consumers with factual information for products that they are buying. Since then, Team Baipin has rated 85% of food and consumer chemical products that are available in Chinese market. And it has gain wide acceptance and has become a credible source for shoppers making healthy buying decisions.

In 2015, in light of consumers’ increasing concerns over authenticity of healthy claimed products in China, Baipin started to assemble a portfolio of healthy and high quality brands that can be offered directly to consumers.

For a truly healthy brand that has stood the test of time, partnering with Baipin will brand your products to millions of consumers in China with a clear and far reaching message- “authentic and healthy”.

For inquires, please send email to james.liu@baipin.org

Sincerely Yours,

Team Baipin